What am i going to learn??
  •  An email a day straight to your phone: no logging in, no new passwords, no book to take with you, just an email with a video sent to you every day.
  •  Advice and tips: that you can discuss and implement right away to build a better marriage.
  •  Avoid counselling and petty conflicts: simple tools you don't need to pay a counsellor to teach you to do.
  •  Every day examples: that will help you think about every area of your married life where you can build stronger foundations.
  •  A community of like-minded couples who want to invest in their marriage in order to build a great life for themselves and those around them.
  •  A wealth of free resources including couple interviews, templates, etc, to help keep yourself encouraged and intentional, all the way.
* Communication tools *
* Conflict resolution tools *
* How to talk about sex and intimacy *
* Who should do what in the relationship *
* Finances *
* Priorities *

Tonnes of marriage advice at the tip of your fingers...
Don't just HOPE that things will get better - DO something...
Only YOU can make your marriage the best it can be!
Need help implementing some of the tips you learn on the 30 Day Build My Marriage Today Challenge? 

Read the ebook for proof and examples as to how the tools I explain in the challenge have worked for couples around the world! Buy the Ebook so you can keep referring to topics that you struggle with in your marriage from your iPad or phone!

These are 7 Keys that will not leave you wanting: it is hard work being married to someone, make your job easier by using advice that has been tried and tested, leave your ego at the door and ask for help! There's nothing you shouldn't do to give you and your spouse the best chance at having a happy and healthy marriage.
* Disclaimer: the results will vary from one couple to another.
7 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Marriage. The MAIN Tool you need to have a Thriving Marriage.
Do the challenge and buy the ebook to keep working on your marriage! Use my tried and tested tips and tools to have a happy and healthy marriage! *
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We are working on content all the time, so by being a part of the BMMT community you will be able to stay abreast of new tools and content that can help you achieve the happy and healthy marriage you want!
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An Ebook is a great tool because you always have it with you! On your laptop, on your iPad, on your phone, you can keep brushing up on your marriage...
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