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Getting married? Just 
setting out in married life? Or feeling that the day to day of years together isn't the best in store for you?
  • You CAN change yourself and your couple, for the better!
  •  Set yourselves up for SUCCESS by establishing HEALTHY HABITS and by destroying negative behaviour that has become routine!
  •  Focus yourselves TOGETHER on your couple as you learn to have fun and plan the future out!
Harriet Kibbe, speaker, author and trainer
30 days of Great Marriage Tips
Five 2 Thrive Programme
3 Month Mentorship
7 Keys to a happy and healthy marriage
How to Build your Marriage and Thrive Together*

Want to have the best marriage ever? You are in the right place!
When I first received advice on marriage, I didn't think I would glean much from it, or didn't think it would apply to us, or even that we needed it! We were not going to be part of the 50% of couples who divorce... turns out, that's what over 95% of couple who get married for the first time feel like! Also. it turns out that getting marriage advice was the best thing I ever did. 

I have used the tools and techniques we learnt in our couple, and we just wouldn't be as happily married as we are today without them, so I developed some concepts and some material around the tools we learnt, and we have been teaching couples for over 10 years now. It never gets old because each couple is unique, and has its own special circumstances, and we love seeing them take what we teach, and use it in their own unique way to live a happier and healthier life together :)

I hear and read about so many unhappy or unhealthy marriage relationships and I wanted to reach as many couples as possible with tools that only those who can afford help actually get... and make those tools available to all who want them and need them at an affordbale price!! I LOVE face to face interactions, and meeting with counsellors in person is great, but I don't believe you really need the counsellors if you are both committed to one another and to achieving your happily ever after... you really only need to access the techniques and tools they teach!*

I have courses for every budget, depending on where you are at in your relationship, and how quickly you really want to see change in your couple. This is what I have developed for YOU!

"You need advice, ideas, help and your marriage is worth it!"

"I think that it is great to take time to think about one’s marriage or future marriage, and listen to people who have greater experience and particular wisdom in this field. It’s not a weakness to admit that you’re like everyone else, you need advice, ideas, help and your marriage is worth it!
I remember in particular an exercise that helped my future wife and I see how different we were in things like finances, punctuality, organisation, which was really helpful because it allowed us to recognise the differences and accept each other better, while giving us the opportunity to think about how to better harmonise our couple for the future.
There are also a couple of principles which were really good, but since we haven’t gone over them much since then, we haven’t benefited as much from them, I’d like to ask Harriet again for further advice on how to implement date nights and active listening for example." Joey and Rachel, Geneva

"... a solid foundation for building our marriage"

"Harriet’s course gave my husband and I a solid foundation for building our marriage. It is full of insights and practical methods that have helped us intentionally build a strong family culture and overcome challenges together. Harriet is a great teacher: warm, funny and down-to-earth." Ruth, Geneva
* This programme and my content does not apply to couples that are already in crisis where there has been a major breakdown of trust of communication. If this is your case, you and your spouse should seek expert professional advice.
7 Keys to a Happy and Healthy marriage
  • FREE E-book
  • How to be intentional
  • How to communicate best
  • How to work together towards your happily ever after

One time fee
  • Videos every day to your phone by email
  • Between 5-10 minutes each
  • ALWAYS available, until you actually delete the emails :)
  • All ideas that you may be able to glean from and use in your marriage right away
Five to thrive programme
One time fee
  • 16 video programme
  • Communication, Conflict resolution, Sex, Priorities, Finances, etc
  • Homework
  • FB group Community

3 month 
One time fee 
  • 3 months of mentorship
  • Bounce Back Course
  • One on one advice and accountability
  • Regular group calls regarding tips for a happy and healthy marriage
Here's What Others Are Saying About Our Resources

"This allowed us to see how we could practically overcome the challenges ahead."

We were particularly touched by how open and genuine Harriet and Stuart were as they taught on the different subjects. They did not hesitate to share about their own challenges throughout their marriage and the obstacles that they have had to overcome. This allowed us to see how we could in practice overcome the challenges ahead. They didn’t speak as if they were superior as an ‘experienced’ couple giving advice to a younger couple. They were honest about their shortcomings, to show us that the two of us together, we could overcome ours too.
They covered a whole range of topics which allowed us to see where our weaknesses laid and how we could address those to strengthen our relationship. The course itself was very complete and helpful for a young couple who haven’t necessarily discussed all these topics that affect a marriage.
We still apply many of the practical tips that Harriet and Stuart taught us six years ago. The active listening excercise is one of those. We also learned to take quality time to talk about our vision as a couple and to plan it out in the short, medium and long term. We use it to look at all the aspects of our journey together and adjust the direction we are heading regularly.
This course gave us good foundations to set off in married life and these strong foundations are still what we rest on today. Rebecca and Daniel, Geneva

"Who finds time for romance with so much going on?"

'Four small children, a house, a husband and a business to manage, and she's always smiling and making jokes - in a nutshell this is Harriet! I always wondered what was the secret of keeping on top of everything with a great sense of humour, and still find time for 'romance'? Seriously, who finds time for romance with so much going on? Well, now I know - she is intentional in her relationships and in everything she does, and this makes a massive difference in her attitude and how she relates to people.' Mariam, Geneva
Invest today to reap the rewards... literally tomorrow!
The best thing about the 30 day Challenge is that you can implement the tips and tools right away with your spouse, and see the fruit immediately. Spend time learning how to build the best marriage TODAY!
What you will get out of this course*:
  • Time-efficient daily coaching that will help you make changes in your marriage without being intrusive
  • Tips for better communication
  •  Advice on how to build trust
  •  Tips on understanding our needs
  •  Tools for a balanced and healthier relationship
Why should you listen to Harriet Kibbe?

Who is Harriet Kibbe?

I am a marriage trainer who is passionate about helping people identify negative patterns of behaviour and rectify them in order to build stronger relationships. I have written and taught a Marriage Preparation Course for over 10 years, and helped teach hundreds of people about how to build and sustain a healthy and happy marriage including how to have a fulfilling sex life in marriage.

It is my life passion to equip people so that they can live out their dream marriage, not just their dream wedding!! No one gets married hoping they will one day get divorced, and I can help you get the right tools and teach you how to use them to avoid ever going down that path!

I have spoken and taught about relationships, marriage and sex to hundreds of people through:
- Live talks
- Video teachings
- Six week programmes
- One on one counselling and couple counselling

This Build My Marriage Challenge is borne from my passion and my experience with the many men and women I have counselled, and I hope to continue doing so under different forms for many years to come.

I have realised that we all need marriage counselling, and that we need a 'refresher' course every now and then, but why pay a marriage counsellor oodles of money for that when you can do it together with online material that costs only a fraction of what you'd pay a counsellor?

"Their marriage is an open book..."

"I have known Harriet and her husband for many years, and I can vouch for their character. They are passionate about helping people in their marriages and I see them open their homes up to people from all paths of life. Their marriage is an open book for all to read, and everything they teach is something that they implement personally." Andrea, Geneva

"I highly recommend her to anyone..."

"Having the pleasure of knowing Harriet and her husband personally, I can vouch that she lives what she teaches inside her own home, which sets her apart as a respected voice to those who are looking to continuously work towards the long term success of their marriages. She has been supporting couples for over 10 years, and with her wisdom and compassion I have seen her continuously exceed the expectations of those who have had the wonderful chance to work with her. I have learnt so much from Harriet’s advice and attitude to life and relationships, and I look forward to keep learning from her any chance I can get." Fabiana Mariano Green, Lead in Life, Geneva
By following my material you will LEARN HOW TO:
  •                COMMUNICATE without offending each other
  •  Build        TRUST
  •  Handle recurring         FRUSTRATIONS, once and for all
  •  Say good bye to         RESENTMENT, and keep it out of your marriage
  •  Get to the         REAL REASON for your or your spouse's frustrations
  •         AFFAIR-PROOF your marriage
  •  Build an         IDENTITY together as a couple and grow stronger
  •  Have         FUN together
* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.
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