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Build My Marriage Today
What's this book about?
  •  No nonsense practical advice for every couple to put into practice - what to do, AND how to do it!
  •  Communication tools that you would have to pay a counsellor to receive, made available to all!
  •  Conflict resolution but more importantly         Conflict Prevention, which really sums up the purpose of the book.
  •  Every day examples: that will help you think about every area of your married life where you can build stronger foundations.
  •  A community  - you are not the only couple that struggles!
  • Taboo free book - talking about sex and most importantly HOW to talk about it!
* Communication tools *
* Conflict resolution tools *
* How to talk about sex and intimacy *
* Who should do what in the relationship *
* Finances *
* Priorities *

Tonnes of marriage advice at the tip of your fingers...
Read the most helpful marriage book ever...*
* This book is not for couples who are in a crisis situation! It is for couples seeking to solidify the foundations of their relationship with practical tools in order to have the best marriage ever!
Your couple is unique and this book will give you universally applicable tools that will allow you and your spouse to make sure you can make your marriage work, no matter what you circumstances are!

Prevention IS better than cure, and this short book will give you some vital tools which will help you communicate and manage your household more positively, which will make your life happier, and the lives of those around you... what else matters more?
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